We engineer and manufacture any type of moulds, lattice, piki, etc for pulp moulding. You simply provide us with your mould example (it may be even worn out – we shall restore it’s initial dimensions). You can present us a tray, you want to produce, example and we shall arrange:

  • Reserve engineering including professional scanning, design by our engineers, 3D drawings, etc.
  • Injection moulds for plastic core;
  • Manufacturing moulds by CNC complex from plastic, aluminum with Teflon coating or brass;
  • All types of dies – for pulp forming, pulp transfer, hot pressing, etc.

All our garments will be provided highly professionally (manufacturer produces original equipment) with strict time limit and at competitive pricing.

You will be satisfied with our cooperation.



Piki for Leo 1500 Piki for Leo 2000 Piki for Leo 2000 Moulds for lattice